Coach Garcia leaves lasting legacy

Published 12:01 am Friday, March 14, 2008

When the doors open at Cathedral School next fall things just won’t be the same.

Longtime coach, teacher and athletic director Roy Garcia will be hundreds of miles away in Texas.

But Coach Garcia’s lessons and legacy will certainly stay put right in the Green Wave hallways.

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His absence won’t be as strong as his 40-year presence has been, that’s for sure.

Coach Garcia has taught some of the teachers who remain at the school, he’s coached community members who still give back to Cathedral and he’s set the standard of what athletics in the Miss-Lou should be.

It’s not the wins and the losses that matter now; it’s the life lessons.

Coaches are often the best real-life teachers our students have, and Garcia definitely fits that bill.

Coach Garcia is forever a part of the Cathedral family and the Natchez community and we have all been blessed to know him.

As halftime ends and Coach Garcia prepares for the next phase of his game, we wish him many relaxing days with grandchildren. And we know his lessons will live on through those children even more than they’ve lived through us.

Thanks, Coach, for being a part of the Miss-Lou.