Green brings good news to area

Published 12:01 am Monday, March 17, 2008

With spring comes the green stuff, all three kinds — money, St. Patrick’s Day beads and pollen.

Spring Pilgrimage brings in dollars, Monday’s parade will bring out green-clad Irish and if you haven’t seen the pollen, you haven’t been outside.

But spring also brings a few more things to the Miss-Lou, all of which are better than pollen.

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Let’s review a few of the good headlines from last week:

Ferriday welcomed back native son Mickey Gilley and unveiled the look of a redesigned Arcade Theater. The building is an extension of the Delta Music Museum and seats 350 people for community events. The building is a gorgeous and historic addition to downtown Ferriday.

The Natchez Visitor Reception Center’s exhibits will be getting a new look in the coming months. The National Park Service plans to fund new exhibits and new technology to make the space more informative to locals and tourists alike.

Spring break means spring cleaning for several local non-profits, but luckily, they never have to do the work alone. College groups from out of town often come to Natchez to serve during their time off. One such agency to benefit was the Natchez Children’s Home when a group from Boston University came down last week.

It’s refreshing to see college students who want to help, not party, and we know Natchez gave them a warm welcome.

As the green surrounds us this week, we know the good news will too.