School steering takes time

Published 12:21 am Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Steering wheels were made for just one pair of hands — preferably attached to the same body, controlled by the same brain.

Unfortunately, as groups seek to grab hold of the wheel, the exact direction we’re headed can get confused real quick.

Throw politics in the mix and things can get ugly.

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We’ve seen that first-hand recently as a group of residents petitioned to have the Natchez-Adams Schools Superintendent fired. So far that hasn’t happened.

A similar, more successful school revolution occurred across the river in Concordia Parish, as the school board ousted its superintendent for, allegedly, failing to properly lead the schools.

Interestingly, statewide district performance scores, released earlier this month, show that Concordia Schools did, in fact, improve, despite what the school board deemed as poor leadership.

We congratulate all of those responsible for improving Concordia Parish’s school scores — teachers, administrator, parents and especially the students themselves.

However, as we celebrate Concordia’s improvement, we should also note that hard work takes time and sometimes being impatient proves to be ill advised.

School districts are like loaded barges hurtling down the Mississippi River. Changing direction is possible, but it’s not as easy as it may seem.

And when a dozen or more hands are fighting for control of the wheel, the tugboat pushing the barge might just continue to spin in a circle.

Or worse, it might head straight for an obstacle.

So before another attempt is made at grabbing the wheel, let’s all think about what direction we’re really heading in and if some of us can be more help by navigating than wrestling for control.