What do you want out of city gov’t?

Published 12:01 am Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quick, Joe Citizen, what do you want out of your city government?

Don’t worry, it’s a multiple-choice citizenry exam. Your choices include:

A). A chicken in every pot.

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B). Lower taxes

C). New, smoothly paved roads.

D). A shiny new recreation complex.

E). Improved water and sewer facilities.

F). A city-wide recycling program.

G). Reduced crime.

H). All of the above.

Of course most people will say “H, all of the above.” It is, after all, human nature to want the world.

Unfortunately, we live in the real world where tough decisions must be made in order to prioritize our resources.

As we inch closer to the city of Natchez’s municipal primary elections, voters need to take a hard look at how they prioritize what it is that they want out of city government.

Over the next several weeks, as information about the candidates is published and political forums and meetings occur, we urge each voter to get involved.

Only when voters take an interest in what they want out of government can real change take place.

With rare exception, politicians pander to the will and desires of the masses. The most vocal, most interested people determine the true issues of a campaign.

If voters speak up, both during the campaign process and after, amazing things will happen with our city.

If they do that, Natchez residents will ace the citizenry quiz the next time it is given.