Can jobs come without houses?

Published 12:32 am Sunday, March 30, 2008

We’ve all heard the age-old question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

It’s a conundrum. Each one needs the other to be created; therefore, it’s logically impossible for one to come before the other.

The same thing happens when the eggshells are bricks and the feathers are good-paying jobs.

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Many local business leaders believe Natchez-Adams County is on the verge of an economic boom. Yet, if the boom happened tomorrow, those “job fillers” might not have a place to lay their heads at night, at least not a place other than a hotel.

We’ve got plenty of hotel rooms now.

But we’re still lacking new, moderately priced housing options.

Natchez-Adams County isn’t what most people would call “move-in” ready. Mid-range housing options and rentals are difficult to locate.

Quite simply, Natchez needs more housing options and some prospective house buyers will want to live inside the city limits, which at present can be difficult.

Since Natchez is essentially land locked, development on any sizable scale must come on what’s now county land.

Unfortunately, the Natchez Board of Aldermen seems content to just let the city limit signs become worthy of historical marker status.

The only way the city can expand is through annexation. But for some reason — political fear, perhaps — city leaders seem resistant to change.

Getting out of the mindset that the status quo is “good enough” may prove a tough egg to crack.