KFC staff deserves recognition

Published 12:35 am Sunday, March 30, 2008

Recently I was travelling through your city en route to New Orleans for a funeral of a close friend I left my wallet in the Kentucky Fried Chicken on U.S. 61. I arrived at my hotel in New Orleans to check-in and discovered the loss. I called back to the KFC and was greeted by a gracious and sympathetic employee. She informed me that she had my wallet, it had been turned in, and that it would be placed in the safe until I returned.

I returned in two days and found everything intact. I had $200 in cash and all of my credit cards and ID.

I was devastated and distraught when my loss was discovered. The employees there were so very kind. I salute these employees and their honesty. In this age of mistrust and doubt in our fellow man they are unique.

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Please acknowledge them, your community should be proud of such wonderful citizens. Because of them I will return to your city for a visit. I have shared this story in New Orleans and here in Arkansas.

Thank you.

Janice Bush

Arkansas resident