Burglar crawls through small vent in store

Published 12:39 am Thursday, April 3, 2008

NATCHEZ — A Monday night burglary likely did not go as planned for one tiny criminal.

Stacey Barnes, co-owner and manager, of Bags and Beyond on U.S. 61 North said the he did not think any person could fit through the vent that was used to gain access to his store.

“It’s extremely small,” he said of the vent on the building that allows heat to escape from the attic.

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Barnes said since the doors and window are barred the vent is the only access point into his store.

“I didn’t think anyone could fit in there,” he said.

Once inside the attic the burglar went into store via a panel in the ceiling.

Barnes also theorized that the perpetrator must be a bit dim in addition to being small in stature.

Barnes said he suspects very little was stolen from his store, only a few belts and watches, because the burglar realized there was no way out of the store except back through the ceiling.

Barnes said the burglar had already loaded large plastic storage containers, that were already in the store, with merchandise when the perpetrator must have realized they could not be hoisted back into the ceiling and out the small vent.

“Apparently he had not thought this through,” he said. “He was kind of a dumb criminal.”

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the matter.

Investigating Deputy Gerald Mooney said the vent measures approximately one and a half feet by two feet.

“It’s amazing what people can do,” he said.