Voters express concerns

Published 12:29 am Sunday, April 6, 2008

NATCHEZ — As politicians polish their platform, the citizens hope to hear solutions to problems they face daily.

Platforms for candidates jump across the board from raises for policemen and firemen to consolidation of city and county government.

Sometimes citizens just want improvements to the simplest things.

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Natchez resident Earl Green wants more opportunities to have good, clean, family fun.

“(There need to be) more activities for families to do,” he said.

Whether it’s a park or a walking trail, Green feels there should be more.

Some people said they want better roads to drive on.

Bill Rice, Natchez resident, would like to see the city overlay the streets, especially Homochitto Street, he said.

He said he’d also like recreation, but wants to see the streets addressed first.

“I think the top priority is streets right now,” Rice said. “They won’t be able to get to the recreation facility if they don’t improve our streets.”

Natchez citizen John Tuttle is pleased with what has been done by the board so far, especially in regards to the addition of new jobs in town.

He would like to see the city looking a bit neater, though. This includes fixing potholes on downtown streets and tending to the trees and grass in the medians and along the roads.

Peggy Rushing said one major thing she wants to see is an honest candidate running for a position.

“They get in there and they don’t do a darn thing,” Rushing said.

She remembered back to when a friend of hers tried for 20 years to get a yard problem of hers addressed and failed.

She also said she thinks something other than tourism should be promoted.

“Most people don’t own those homes so they’re not making anything,” she said. “The hotels profit, but for the employees all they do is work harder and don’t get a thing out of it.”

She said she’d also like to see the drug problem in Natchez addressed.

“I think they sure do need to do something about the dope,” she said. “You ask one department about it and they say that’s the sheriff’s job and you ask the sheriff and they say that’s the police department’s job.”

“I thought against the law was against the law.”

For those interested in hearing about candidates’ platforms, there will be a Natchez Political Candidate’s Forum at 5:30 on Thursday in the Mississippi Room of the Natchez Convention Center.