Moon-rider, steaks top off week

Published 12:17 am Monday, April 7, 2008

Sightseeing at the ever-expanding river’s edge has become a local attraction these days. And though we know the water is doing damage, there’s been enough good news in the last week to turn our attention — for a moment — away from the spectacle on Silver Street.

Natchez has several natives who have done work with NASA, one of which is Lucien Junkin, a Cathedral School graduate.

Junkin has recently completed work on a vehicle built to ride on the moon. For most of us who don’t know how to make a Earth-worthy car, his work sounds amazing. Junkin is representative of many locals who make us all proud.

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The annual Boys & Girls Club Steak and Stake dinner was last week, and the event is always a fun one. Children get the luxury of an adult dinner, and get to spend time with a member of the community who is there to spend time with the children.

But the true purpose of the meal is less about filling bellies and more about filling the bank account the club uses to stay afloat. Having a Boys & Girls Club presence in Natchez is crucial to equipping many of our youth with the learning experiences they need.

Though the water will likely keep coming up, we know the next week will bring plenty of good news as well.