Wade finds pieces of Natchez on the road

Published 12:08 am Monday, April 7, 2008

NATCHEZ — As Lula Wade relaxed in her recliner in her home on North Bluebird Lane, where The Dart fell, she revealed herself to be quite the jet setter.

Having five siblings that live in the four corners of the United States, it seems that Wade has no choice but to travel Portland, Ore., Baltimore, Vancouver, Wash., and Chicago to visit her siblings.

But it’s not just family ties that gives Wade the itch to travel.

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She’s been to Canada, Hawaii, Jamaica, Cancun, Cozumel and more.

“I’ve been a number of places,” Wade said.

The only place she turned down going to was China, because it was too far away and didn’t want to be on an airplane for that long.

Wade said she enjoys the educational aspect of traveling.

“It’s a good learning experience for you,” she said.

Wade said she’s well versed in our nation’s history but nothing compares to going to Washington, D.C., and seeing it first hand.

Wade said she wants to transfer her love of traveling to her three children.

“I want (my) children to be exposed to that,” she said.

One thing she has learned is that the world can be a very small place.

“When I got to Jamaica, I met a gentleman who used to work for West Funeral Home,” she said.

In Hawaii, unbeknownst to her until a run-in on the elevator, four other people from Natchez were staying in the same hotel.

Out of all the places she’s been, she didn’t much care for Mexico, but loved Jamaica.

She also liked Victoria, Canada.

“Everything is so clean there,” she said.

Though Wade is in her 80s and said she requires assistance to get around, she’s undeterred. “I sure love traveling,” she said.

She said she takes after her mother, who kept on traveling until she passed away at 96.

Coming up on this traveler’s agenda is her 60th high school anniversary, her nephew’s graduation in Baltimore, a family reunion in Virginia and a visit to see her oldest daughter in Houston, Texas.