A plan can be a beautiful thing for all

Published 11:57 pm Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Millions of federal and state dollars are funneled into emergency preparedness each year. Locally, tax dollars are used year round to teach city and county leaders what to do if something happens.

When the sun is shining, the skies are blue and the ground is dry it’s easy to point to emergency preparedness as a money-hungry giant.

But when tragedy strikes, on a large or small scale, it’s that giant that catches us all.

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The emergency isn’t really affecting many in the Miss-Lou right now. Natchez is on a hill and Vidalia is behind a levee. The mighty Mississippi River is unlikely to cause much damage to most folks.

But whether you are affected or not, a plan is already in place to protect you.

The plan is evident on Silver Street in Natchez. The water came higher, then a little higher, then a little higher then it was on the street. But almost seamlessly the city and the Isle of Capri took care of business.

The boat picked up and slid just a tad down river to higher ground. The city found a way to keep the even adventurous from driving through standing water. And life went on for the businesses standing just feet from the river.

In Concordia Parish, there hasn’t been any real trouble within the levees. Yet the office of emergency preparedness is standing ready with sand bags when the first sand boil arrives.

It’s been great to see a plan work, even when Mother Nature is in control.

Now, let’s figure out a way to easy the congestion on Silver Street brought on by high water sight-seers. Ticketing those who park illegally may be the next revision to the plan.