Forum gives you a chance to decide

Published 1:09 pm Thursday, April 10, 2008

Several months ago the rumors started. Bumper stickers followed. Then signs. And at some point along the way, it was official — they’re in the race.

Approximately two-dozen men and women have stepped to the public plate to take a swing at an elected office.

In the mix are some young folks, some old folks, some seasoned political insiders and some green rookies.

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Most of the field proudly put a big “D” behind their names, but a couple of big “R” folks are around, too, and at least one not labeled by either party.

Who are these people whose signs and bumper stickers you’d seen around town?

Why are they running for office and what are the issues for which they stand?

If you’re like us and anxious to know the answers to those questions, you’ll have a chance to hear those answers tonight at the 2008 Natchez Political Candidates Forum.

The Natchez Convention Centers doors will open at 5 p.m. giving voters a chance to mingle with the candidates who are in attendance for 30 minute prior to the forum’s start.

Then, candidates for aldermen and mayor will answer questions that have been submitted in advance.

All candidates were invited and approximately 17 of the candidates, who are in races that have opposition, are expected to be in attendance.

The event is a partnership between the Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce, the Natchez Business and Civic League, First Natchez Radio and The Natchez Democrat.

All of the partners have worked hard to bring what we hope will be an informative event and we encourage all city residents to come out and meet the men and women behind the signs and bumper stickers.