Boil water notice still on

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 11, 2008

FERRIDAY — The boil-water notice that customers of Ferriday’s water system were placed under Wednesday afternoon should be lifted by this weekend.

The boil-water notice was first put into effect because Ferriday waterworks had to shut off service as part of a repair project, Water Superintendent Gregory Griggs said.

“Whenever we have to shut off water, it’s protocol for us to put out a boil-water notice and to take bacteriological samples of the water and send them to be tested,” Griggs said.

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A copper service line had broken due to corrosion, and so the entire system had to be shut down.

“We were losing a lot of water there, and we didn’t have a valve to cut it off so we had to kill the entire tower,” Griggs said.

The results from the samples, which Griggs took to Shreveport for testing Thursday, should be in sometime this evening, he said.

“Everything should come back all clear,” Griggs said. “When that happens, we’ll lift the boil- water notice.”

Ferriday mayor-elect Glen McGlothin said some parts of the Ferriday water system have never been changed out.

“That’s nobody’s fault,” McGlothin said. “They’ve never had the money to do it before.”

Even though the town has gotten grants for water and sewer lines before, the way the grants were given did not allow for every district in the town to receive the grant funds, McGlothin said.

McGlothin, who has said his first order of business as mayor will be water improvement, said he was going to try to get a map of every water line and valve in the Ferriday system within a year.

“We may have to get a grant to put in new valves to prevent what happened Wednesday,” McGlothin said.