Problem stinks up Ferriday

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 11, 2008

Something stinks in Ferriday, and it’s not just the sewage.

Granted, there’s plenty of sewage to go around these days. Several homeowners on Lancaster and Iowa streets have called in complaints to the city, saying drainage pipes are backing up into their houses. One local church had to replace the flooring because of the disgusting problem.

But the real problem here isn’t the sewage, it’s the lack of attention the sewage has received from city leaders for years.

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It’s not news that the town has water and drainage problems. It’s common knowledge.

Yet, over the years, the town’s leadership hasn’t found a way to wipe the nasty problem from existence.

Mayor Gene Allen said Tuesday night that the town has applied for a $2 million grant to fix the issues. That sounds like a good start, but the Ferriday residents deserve a backup — no pun intended — plan as well.

If the grant falls through the Town of Ferriday can’t afford to waste time scrambling for another funding source. When sewage fills houses, drainage should become a top priority in the town’s budgeting process.

The citizens of Ferriday have lived with this stench for long enough, it’s time for a fresh breath of air.