Competition fun for both Centreville resident and his dog

Published 1:02 am Sunday, April 13, 2008

CENTREVILLE — Jennings Field has always been a dog lover. Now, the Centreville native has found a new way to have some fun with his pet black lab while giving the dog enjoyment and exercise as well.

Field entered his one and a half year old dog Slick in a dock leaping competition at the Louisiana Outdoor Show in Gonzales in March, where he took second place in the amateur division.

The premise of the sport is to have the dog leap off the end of a dock, chasing after an object tossed into the water. The dog that leaps the farthest before hitting the water is the winner.

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“I saw the competition on television and thought that was something he could do,” Field, a student at Southeast Louisiana University in Hammond said. “I found out about the competition at the Louisiana Outdoor Show and signed up for it. He turned out to be pretty good at it.”

Slick has a very active life, leaping off the dock at the lake and hunting ducks with Field, so the competition came easy to him, Field said.

“We didn’t really do anything extra to train,” he said. “I just took him out jogging about a month before the competition to get him in a little better shape.”

Field said he checks the Web site to see when and where jumping competition are and if they can compete.

“There’s not that many in the Southeast,” Field said. “It’s more of a Midwestern thing. There’s one in Houston, Texas in August I would like to go to, but with school, I might not be able to make it.”

Field said the competitions are fun for both him and his dog.

“He really likes it,” Field said. “It’s something I can do with him that fun. It’s also a great way to meet people. I met a lot of great people from Missouri at the event at the Louisiana Outdoors Show.”

Field said Slick has been like a college roommate to him since he purchased him before going off to school.

“We’ve always had labs,” Field said. “When I went off to school, I got one for myself. He’s like a college roommate, except he doesn’t pay enough rent.”

In addition to being a great jumping dog, Field said his dog has been a great friend and hunting dog as well.

“He’s real obedient and a great friend,” Field said. “He’s my duck dog too and watches my house when I’m away. I guess you could say he’s an all-purpose dog.”