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Published 12:37 am Sunday, April 13, 2008

This week I would like to start by informing the public about some upcoming programs that were in high demand last year, therefore we are offering them again this year. Some of them are beginning soon so call our office at 601-445-8201 if you are interested in reserving a spot.

If you enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking or just playing around in the woods you may be interested in learning more about global positioning systems.

On April 24, we will offer another GPS training for anyone interested.

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There is no cost to attend this training and lunch will be provided. You will learn how to mark and track down waypoints, how to make tracks and routes to your favorite locations, and how using this modern technology can make managing your land much more convenient. We only have a limited number of GPS units therefore spacing is limited to the first 30 participants.

For area horse owners interested in increasing their knowledge, skill and ability with horses, starting on April 22 we will begin another eight week Master Horseman Program. This program covers all aspects of equine management including healthcare, nutrition, hoof care, selection, pasture management, saddle making and more. In addition, you and your horse will receive training in round pen work, ground work, stopping, spins, backing, sidepassing and much more. There is no limit on auditors for the class but there is a limit of 15 participants that can bring horses so if you are interested call soon to reserve a spot.

Just for future reference next month, on May 16, we will offer another pond management class. So if you have aquatic weeds, small fish or undesirable traits in your pond this program is for you. In addition if you just want to learn how to grow bigger fish and make you pond more aesthetically pleasing, mark down the date.

Q. Can you put ant poison in a vegetable garden?

We do not recommend putting any poison in home vegetable gardens. If ants are a serious problem in your garden I would recommend you use granular ant baits around the edge of your garden. Most ant baits have vegetable oils in their ingredients therefore ants actively go out and seek them. Therefore if you have them spread around the exterior of your garden ants should still go out and get the poison thus giving some control.

Q. When will pollen stop falling on my vehicle?

We have been blessed with an abundance of majestic oak, elm, and pine trees in our area, unfortunately pollen falling is a side effect that comes with this. The truth is we have many trees and grasses that are pollinating year round, but it is usually in the springtime when we get such a powerful visual demonstration of this. The good thing is we are at the end of all the pollen falling. Within the next two weeks the vast majority of the falling pollen should be gone until next spring.

David Carter is the director of the Adams County Extension Service.