Time to reflect on good news

Published 12:18 am Monday, April 14, 2008

Well, it looks like the Mississippi River is here to stay a bit longer than most of us originally thought.

The river is presenting problems, but experts are handling things as best they can. So while they plan a strategy to cope with the rising waters, the rest of us can take a few minutes to reflect on the good news from last week.

The Natchez-Adams School District has named their eight school-level teachers of the year and chosen one overall winner. This year, all eight happen to be women and they are all smiling faces you’d be privileged to know.

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We are glad the district has so many great teachers, and we are glad they’ve been recognized for their work.

Congratulations, one more time, to Kit Spears, Joan David, Amy Smith, Sandra Washington, Linda Logan, Trish Pomeroy, Darlene Pickett and Frances Doss. We appreciate all that you do.

Tuesday, local CEO Fred Callon was a bit of a business world star. The chairman of Callon Petroleum rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange surrounded by other key players at the local business. Callon has been an important part of this community for years, and we are glad the folks in New York recognized that as well.

The Historic Natchez Foundation planted 200 crape myrtles this week. The group hopes to brighten up St. Catherine Street and decided the beautiful blooming trees would be a great place to start. Their idea is wonderful and is a great example of how local citizens and organizations can make Natchez a better place to live.

We know the coming week will be full of wonderful news as well, and we can hardly wait to see what’s coming next.