Please don’t play around with the river

Published 11:58 pm Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It doesn’t take a long walk down the Vidalia Riverfront to see stupidity at its best.

With the waters of the Mississippi River creeping over parts of the river walk and ever closer to the sidewalk the area poses some serious safety concerns to those who insist upon playing stupid.

Now is not the time to cross the police line, sit on top of the metal bars and hang yourself out over the raging waters. Nor is it the time to stand between the Vidalia Conference and Convention Center.

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The City of Vidalia and the police department have warned more than once that river spectators shouldn’t be stepping off the sidewalk at all.

It’s simply not safe. The current is strong and the ground near the edge may be unstable. One slide may take you to New Orleans, the fast way.

Everyone needs to be smart around the river. Parents, please watch your children, and teens, save your risk-taking instincts for another day.

If passersby can’t protect themselves, the city may close the walkway altogether, robbing us all of a great view of Mother Nature at her finest.

The high waters are a serious thing, and Concordia Parish has been lucky so far. Let’s keep it that way.