Flowers, food … what a combination

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 18, 2008

Thoughts of the South evoke images of columned antebellum mansions, verandas, beautiful fragrant flowers and, of course, our particular style of cooking. What could be better than finding all of these in one location?

From 3 until 5 p.m. Saturday at Magnolia Hall, the Natchez Garden Club will be hosting its annual flower show.

Each spring for many years, the ladies of Natchez have opened their homes and gardens for the pilgrimages. They have graciously displayed treasured family heirlooms and shared prized family recipes. Using many of these recipes, a cookbook, Over the Garden Wall, was created. Taking our inspiration from this cookbook, we are honoring all of our hostesses and their homes during this year’s flower show.

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Come to the flower show and visit a “Fourth of July Picnic at Elm’s Court,” as seen through the eyes of our junior and intermediate gardeners. Continue on to the Designer’s Choice Award division which will honor three homes and a special event or holiday at each. These are “Football, Food and Fun on New Year’s Day at Fair Oaks,” “NGC Executive Board Luncheon at The House on Ellicott Hill,” and a “Harvest Supper at Texada.”

The tri-color award division will continue this theme and honor three more homes and events. These are “Breakfast after the Ball at Mount Repose,” “Thanksgiving Family Dinner at the Parsonage,” and finally, “NGC Christmas Party at Magnolia Hall.” The horticulture will be displayed in the First Presbyterian Church’s Multi-purpose room.

The educational exhibit will display examples of gardens, food, and table settings to which every Southern lady aspires. “Over the Elm’s Court Garden Wall” will show the history and preservation of the gardens in photographs, diagrams, and botanical listings of plant life found in Elm’s Court. “Fun Foods from our Fantastic Cookbook” will have a sampling of some of the recipes from the cook book, and “Candlelight Dining at Magnolia Hall” will exhibit displays of how to set the perfect table and have the perfect dinner party.

The flower show has something for everyone. Not only will you have the opportunity to visit an historic landmark, you will see many beautiful flower arrangements as interpreted by future and present Southern hostesses, taste delicious offerings from the cookbook, learn how to set an inviting table and see how history and preservation are truly a part of our future. The show is free and open to the public. Please come and join us for a journey “Over the Garden Wall.”

Penny Daggett is a member of the Natchez Garden Club.

Penny Daggett-Publicity Chairman for the Natchez Garden Club Flower Show