Flooding postpones Relay for Life to June 13

Published 11:24 pm Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NATCHEZ — The swollen Mississippi River has caused yet another inconvenience and this time for Relay for Life participants — the event has been postponed until June 13.

The Relay committee has been meeting with the Vidalia city officials over the past few days to determine whether the river would recede enough by May 2, the event’s original date.

Water is currently backed up from the streets drains on the riverfront, covering a good portion of the road.

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The waters are also lapping very close to other portions of the road.

Julia Drews, co-chair of the event, said Vidalia Mayor Hyram Copeland had spoken with the Corps of Engineers and ultimately, it was learned that the waters would not recede enough.

“With the magnitude of people we have down there at Relay, the safety issue was just a big problem,” Drews said.

She said even if the water was off the road by May 2, the water would still be too close to the road and she feared that people may fall in.

“We just thought it was the best to postpone,” Drews said.

Drews said she doesn’t believe this will have too much of an effect on participation.

“It’s never going to be a perfect day for everybody, but everyone understands and they all knew it was probably coming,” Drews said.

June 13 was chosen as the new date because that is what works best with all of the 15 or 16 committee members.

“It just takes every single one of us to put this on,” Drews said.

Drews said while it may be hotter on June 13 than it would May 2, but part of the event is enduring unfavorable conditions.

“You can handle anything for 24 hours,” Drews said. “We’re going to go positively forward.”

The Relay for Life team captains will still meet for the captains’ meeting at the Comfort Inn in Vidalia at noon on Friday.