Alcorn invites former football players back

Published 2:04 am Thursday, April 24, 2008

LORMAN — Ever since Ernest Jones was hired as Alcorn State’s football coach in December, he has been preaching pride and tradition.

Jones says this weekend will continue to foster the pride and recall the proud tradition the Alcorn program has.

Jones has invited all former Alcorn football letter winners to the first ever Football Letterman’s Weekend, which will honor what Jones calls the foundation of the Alcorn State football program.

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“You hear me talk a lot about pride and tradition,” Jones said. “This is what it’s all about, recognizing the people who played before us who get this program to where it is now.”

Jones said he has put out the invitation to every letter winner since the school began the football program in 1921.

“If there is a letter winner on the 1921 team I want him to be here this weekend so we can honor him,” Jones said. “This is about history and pride.”

The weekend will also feature a Captain’s Breakfast on Saturday morning at the Girl’s Honors Dorm on the Alcorn State campus.

Former captains will be able to share their experiences with current players and address the team.

“Captains from all eras of Alcorn football will share great memories and help educate our players on the privilege of playing football at Alcorn State University,” Jones said.

Jones said that former players from all over the country are excited about the opportunity to come back to campus and meet the current group of Braves.

“They can’t wait,” Jones said. “They’re coming from all over the country. They’ve never had anything like this before. It will allow us to recognize them for what they’ve done for the Alcorn program. It’s just a way for us to say thanks.”

While saying thank you to the men who helped build the Alcorn program, Jones also is using this weekend to instill the Alcorn tradition into his current group of players.

“When our players see the pride and tradition the guys from the past have about this program, I’m hoping it will sink deep inside and carry us through the season,” Jones said. “This is a great event that we will do every year as long as I am the coach. It’s just going to get bigger and bigger.”