Middleton is top candidate for mayor

Published 2:00 am Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am writing this letter in response to Carrie Pugh’s letter dated April 2, titled “Natchez needs non-political mayor.”

Her letter was an attempt to clear up confusion about the upcoming municipal elections. Her letter was both timely and well written. I agree with all her points, except one. I would like to take this opportunity to further elaborate on a few key points.

As stated in Ms. Pugh’s letter, there are no contested Republican primaries; however, there are two Republicans on the ballot who will need at least one vote each and I am sure that vote will be provided by the candidates themselves and perhaps immediate family members.

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With this in mind, it frees up the rest of the electorate (Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike) to vote in the Democratic Primary where the mayor’s race and six aldermen positions are being contested. City judge and city clerk are the only uncontested positions in the municipal elections this year.

Therefore, a failure to vote in the Democratic Primary on May 6 is a failure to have your voice heard to the maximum extent possible in city government for the next four years. As Ms. Pugh stated in her letter, the last mayoral election was decided by less than 200 votes.

In more specific regard to the mayor’s race, you will have two choices in the Democratic primary on May 6.

These are Ward 6 alderman, Jake Middleton and incumbent Mayor Philip West. The winner between these two will face independent candidate, Chick Graning in the General Election on June 3.

I further agree with Ms. Pugh’s statements that this election is very important for the City of Natchez.

The City of Natchez needs a full-time, hands-on mayor; we need proven leadership we can respect and trust; and, we need someone who has the betterment of Natchez as his only goal.

However, I disagree with her as to who that person is.

Jake Middleton is the most qualified and experienced person for the job.

Tom Middleton

Natchez resident