Natchez activities inspire flower designs

Published 1:59 am Thursday, April 24, 2008

Natchez — A City For All Seasons is the theme for the annual Pilgrimage Garden Club flower show.

This year’s event is organized around the many seasonal varieties of plants and flowers and each season’s Natchez events.

The winter months’ activities include Mardi Gras, Christmas parades and the Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration. Spring months’ activities begin with the Natchez Spring Pilgrimage. Following this is the Natchez Blues Festival, and May brings the Festival of Music. Fall is very busy with three large events — Natchez Fall Pilgrimage, Great Mississippi Balloon Race and Angels on the Bluff.

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The design category is divided into two sections. Section A has three classes — Natchez Mardi Gras, Great Mississippi River Balloon Race and Natchez Spring Pilgrimage. These designs must use fresh plant material, and they are eligible for the Tricolor Award. Section B also has three classes — Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration, Natchez Festival of Music and Angels on the Bluff. These classes are eligible for the Designer’s Choice Award and may use fresh, dried and/or treated dried plant material.

The Pilgrimage Garden Club Youth groups, beginning gardeners, intermediate gardeners and junior gardeners, will have horticulture and design exhibits.

This wonderful flower show is open to the public and free of charge.

It will be presented from 3 to 5 p.m. Saturday at Longwood, 140 Lower Woodville Road, Natchez.

The chairmen for this event are Mrs. Ricky Smith and Mrs. Jeff Kirkwood.

Meg Freeman is a member of the Pilgrimage Garden Club.