Mayor West’s political ad deceiving

Published 1:09 am Monday, April 28, 2008

I have listened to Mayor Phillip West’s ad on cable and am pleased that so may good things have happened in Natchez in the past several years. The ad is deceiving because it infers that Mayor West caused all these good things to happen.

I and the people I have discussed the ad with are convinced that it was Katrina that brought all the new people to town and then they stayed to open a business. West’s contributions over the last years have been to hire questionable people and make great sermons on how great he is. I wonder if he ever took time to look at the weeds growing through the concrete on the roads leading into town. They were so bad last year that if someone just passed through they would have thought the town was dying. If a visitor drove through Natchez, they were quite shaken up and were glad when they hit the highway again.

Virginia Newby

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Natchez resident