Church needs to speak on deaths

Published 8:59 am Thursday, May 1, 2008

Last week the entire nation heard Pope Benedict XVI make a profound and heartfelt apology for the clergy sexual abuse of children which has caused much grief everywhere, and in the Catholic Church in particular. Although these offenses were committed by a relatively small number of priests, each one was a terrible wrong that has been addressed and the Pope’s apology was appropriate and needed.

Meanwhile, there is an immeasurably greater sin prevalent in our country and carried out on a vast scale daily and that is the taking of lives of unborn children. Yet we have heard not one word of apology from those responsible for and condoning this grave evil.

There has been a little over 3,000 credible allegations of clergy abuse since 2004, a four-year period. Compare that figure to the 4,000 deaths by legalized abortion every single day, 48 million since 1973.

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While the Holy Father and those in Catholic leadership have taken strong measures to correct the abuse problem, making whatever changes are necessary with the stated intention of protecting the children, some politicians have unapologetically made campaign promises to defend people’s “right” to destroy their children by abortion at any time, even the full term infants.

I’d like to restate the comparison in another, simple way.

Sexual abuse of children is very wrong and its has been acknowledged, addressed and sincerely apologized for.

Killing of innocent children is infinitely worse and it has not only not been apologized for, but supported as a “reproductive right” or “woman’s right to choose.”

The Church, correctly, wants to protect the children. These politicians want to protect people’s “right” to destroy them.

The contrast is striking!

It is also an outrage.

Virginia O’Beirne

Co-Chair, Pro-Life Natchez-Adams County