Young photographers to host show

Published 12:57 am Thursday, May 1, 2008

NATCHEZ — On May 2, two young friends, and co-workers, will make their art show debut at the Natchez Coffee Co.

Payton Trim, 20, and Nathanael Gassett, 17, will be displaying their photography in the coffee shop as part of the First Friday festivities.

Trim and Gassett both work at the coffee shop and both said they are looking forward to their first showing.

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While neither of the friends has a wealth of experience, their art speaks differently.

Trim and Gassett said they occasionally collaborate on projects but have different photographic philosophies.

Trim said one of his favorite things about photography, especially digital, is the photographer’s ability to change images.

“You can edit, change the color, change the texture and make it new,” he said.

As far as photographic influences go Trim said he likes to let the subject dictate the influence.

“Art is always changing, always moving,” he said. “That’s the influence.”

Gassett’s work contrasts Trim’s in that he said he likes to leave images mostly unedited.

Gassett described his style as “clean.”

One such clean image is of Gassett’s friend playing guitar sitting against a wall somewhere downtown.

Gassett said he generally tries to avoid posed subjects and prefers candid shots.

Both young men are hoping to sell some of their work in May’s showing, but they have actually already sold some pieces.

Gassett has had some success shooting portraits of graduating seniors and Trim has sold some of his shots of antebellum houses in the area.

And if all continues to go well Trim and Gassett said they have discussed opening a galley in the area.

Both said they plan to bring 50 to 60 pieces to Friday’s show.