Celebrate Mother’s Day differently

Published 12:02 am Sunday, May 4, 2008

Would you like to do something really extraordinary to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

Here’s a suggestion: Observe the special day in a really big way and declare your respect for all that it means by purchasing a Choose Life license plate for your automobile.

This way you’ll be paying tribute to all motherhood in two important ways. First, the money from each tag purchased provides tangible support for Mississippi’s Pregnancy Resource Centers.

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These centers offer an alternative to abortion and practical assistance to pregnant women who find themselves in desperate circumstances.

Second, by displaying the tag you will be affirming belief in life and proclaiming its sanctity wherever you go.

That’s a powerful message to send by just parking your car.

We all know that going out for Sunday dinner is a long-standing Mother’s Day custom and can certainly make for a pleasant day.

But by purchasing a Choose Life tag for only $31 you will be showing your support for mothers for an entire year.

What could be a more beautiful and effective way to honor motherhood?

Virginia O’Beirne

co-chair, Pro-Life Natchez Adams County