Area needs more public servants

Published 1:00 am Monday, May 5, 2008

Natchez/Adams County seems to have too many politicians, either elected or otherwise and only a few statesmen. (Politicians are interested in seeing to their own agenda or special interest groups whereas statesmen attempt to fulfill the desires of all of their electorate and serve their community as leaders.)

Case-in-point: Attempting to use public facilities for private meetings. The law, I understand, is very clear. Public facilities, resources and monies cannot be used for private interests. To do so, simply breaks the law.

For all of those that I think of as “Whiffen Poof Politicians” (who are usually unelected) who would hold private meetings in public facilities, I suggest that they attempt to use their own private church for this purpose. Many times these are excellent locations for lambasting or lauding acquaintances without their knowledge and no record is kept. In addition, I would suggest further that they not be late for the meeting, for they then may become the main topic of conversation.

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A couple of years ago, a certain private group asked the city for funds to repair their roof and even fund their operation, as I recall. I said nothing, but waited to see what happened. As best I can tell, they have not received public money for their private operation.

Had they done so, or if they have done so and I am now enlightened, I will be the very one to file suit against them to repay any public funds or resources back to the public coffers. No private organization, no matter how charitable or altruistic it may be, can receive public assistance. It’s the law.

Besides, perhaps if we get a little money returned to us, we could then afford to have our streets repaired.

We could save money by not having to buy tires or getting our wheels aligned so often. Without having to concentrate so intently on the location of potholes and pavement cracks, we, as well as visitors, may then have an opportunity to see that our city is beautiful once again.

What a windfall that would be.

Ed Field