Couple travels with mission in mind

Published 12:54 am Monday, May 5, 2008

NATCHEZ — While many retirees spend leisurely days at home, Don and Yvonne Brewer have gone a slightly different route.

The Brewers have taken their faith and hit the road.

The couple spends much of their time just driving around the country.

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When the see something they like they stop, when they get tired they get a hotel and when they feel like moving they drive on.

But while on the road the couple does more than burn gas and sightsee.

They are traveling disciples.

“If you’re a Christian you have to tell people about Jesus,” Don said.

And so that’s what the Brewers do, they tour the country and they spread the word.

The Brewers said they did not start their travels with the intent to tell people about Jesus, it just worked out that way.

But the Brewers have not been pursuing a life on the road very long.

They got married only three years ago.

Both were married previously and did not meet until after each other’s spouse died.

“We met at the only class reunion I’ve ever been to,” Don said.

That was the 46-year reunion.

Since then the couple has married and spent much of their time touring the country.

Last year they visited 41 states between May and September.

“We keep pretty busy,” Yvonne said.

The Brewers were recently on their first trip to Natchez as part of a group of seniors at a Baptist convention.

“It’s just a beautiful city,” Yvonne said.

And for the Brewers finding beauty all across the country is part of what they said the love about their travels.

“If you like the mountains, you can live by the mountains, if you like the ocean you can live by the ocean,” he said.

“Every thing a person could want is right here. It’s a beautiful country.”