Local potters donate work to benefit humane society

Published 1:35 am Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Every animal needs a home, and a group of local artists has decided to raise money so homeless animals can have a better place to stay while they’re waiting for that home.

Pottery for Pets is an ongoing sale of handcrafted pots by local potters to raise awareness and funds for the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society’s building fund.

“We have adopted several animals from the humane society, and we saw how desperately they needed a new building,” Pottery for Pets coordinator Donna Jones said.

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The idea for Pottery for Pets came when several local potters made a trip to North Carolina to visit pottery studios and schools.

“Outside the kiln room at one of the schools, there were some shelves where they were raising money for something, maybe even their local humane society,” said Amanda Jeansonne, one of potters donating to the project.

The pots that were sold at that site were “orphan” pots, pieces that didn’t match when a potter made a set, Jeansonne said.

“On the way home, we started talking and said, ‘Well gosh, we can do something like that,” she said.

The group did a similar fundraiser for the Stewpot, which they called “empty bowls.”

The Pottery for Pets pots are available for a minimum donation of $10 at Natchez Coffee Company, which collects and holds the money for the group.

Jeansonne said the pots she donates are made whenever she gets ready to start a larger project.

“When I’m about to head into the studio, instead of just starting out throwing five pounds of clay, I take one pound and work it into a quick bowl or vase to get warmed up, and then I donate that small one,” she said.

Natchez potter Tom Hughes said he doesn’t donate any pieces in particular, just work he believes people might be interested in buying.

“The humane society is a good organization, so I help them a little bit,” Hughes said.

The fundraiser will last as long as it lasts, Jones said.

“As long as we can keep collecting pots, we’ll keep it ongoing,” she said.

The Natchez-Adams County Humane Society is located at 392 Liberty Road, and is open from 2 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.