Election’s end is win for everyone

Published 1:26 am Thursday, May 8, 2008

Only six of the original 24 candidates vying for contested seats at Natchez City Hall remain in the game.

Thank goodness our campaign season has been significantly shorter than that of the Democratic candidates for president.

And even though the early arrival of Jake 08 bumper stickers lengthened our mini-marathon a bit, we know things are drawing to a close.

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Natchez has four new or returning aldermen now. The Ward 5 race will be decided in a run-off, and the Ward 3 battle depend on the June general election.

But for many, the election is over.

And the days after an election call for two major tasks.

First, pick up your campaign signs. If you won or lost, take a drive around town to gather the signs that are planted on public ground. To the homeowners in the area, your yard will look prettier without the plastic advertisement jutting up.

Second, shake hands with your opponent and their campaign team. Winners and losers need to come together and acknowledge that, now, we are one team, one city. Bury the hatchet if one was used, and promise to help each other out in any way possible.

Teamwork is the only way Natchez will move forward, and now we are all on the winning team.