Eagle on 18 wins Trinity tourney

Published 12:30 am Saturday, May 10, 2008

NATCHEZ — Thanks to an eagle putt by tournament co-chairman Wade Heatherly, he and teammates Tom Matthews, Jordan Farmer and Dee Barron won the 10th annual Trinity Mayfair Golf Tournament at Beau Pré Country Club.

The team of Matthews, Farmer, Barron and Heatherly made a couple of eagles after its eagle on the par-5 18th hole to finish with a round of 19-under-par 53 Friday afternoon for a one-shot win over the team of Jeff Anderson, Larry Davis, Mark Dunn and Clay Arnold.

The putt that Heatherly made wasn’t an easy one — over the mound and then to the left on the front left side of the hole. Matthews putted first and missed just to the left. Barron was up next and his putt went right of the hole. After seeing those two putts, there was no doubt Heatherly was going to make it.

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That was the second of two eagles for the winning team as it also had an eagle on the par-5 5th, its second hole of the round.

“We played good. It was a total team effort,” Farmer said. “Everybody hit good drives. We hit it close on most holes. The ones we didn’t hit it close we still made the putts.”

The Matthews-Farmer-Barron-Heatherly team also had 15 birdies and one par.

Anderson’s team would have liked to have had more than the one eagle it had and that was on its opening hole, the difficult par-5 8th.

“Unbelievable,” Arnold said about their round. “We had about 185 yards on our second shot. We hit it to the green about 30 feet from the hole. Larry knocked it in. First nine holes, I don’t think we had a putt outside four or five feet.”

The Lakeside Ford team of William Pugh, Rayne Wilson, Randy Johnson and Jay Lessley finished third with a round of 16-under 56.

“We rode Jay Lessley hard,” Johnson said. “The biggest one was on No. 8. Jay hit it on the left side of the pond and it kicked right. We eagled it. We got lucky.”

Heatherly said this golf tournament raises money for the school as well as the athletic program.

“And we do a couple of special things for the golf team like towels, tees, balls, the Trinity logo. This year we tried to do something special. We had a par-3 challenge from about 115 yards to knock it into a 30-foot diameter circle,” Heatherly said. “Everyone in the circle qualified for a shootout from 100 yards.”

Twenty-two players qualified for the shootout in which Heatherly said there would be just one winner. All of them shot from the right rough so as to not mess up the fairway. Charles Moroney won the $500 pro shop gift certificate when his shot landed on the green and landed a mere eight inches from the hole.