Hospital’s trip plan sounds solid

Published 11:32 pm Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If the map is on the table, planning the trip gets easier.

And Natchez Regional Medical Center’s leaders seem to have the map before them, the bags packed and the car gassed up.

Now it’s just time to hit the bumpy roads ahead.

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The NRMC Board of Trustees told county supervisors Monday that it has a plan in place. That plan, ultimately, includes selling the hospital.

Currently Adams County taxpayers own the financially troubled hospital. But getting it off of the county’s responsibility list could be a very good thing.

The current leadership at Regional plans to right the ship before sticking the “for sale” sign out front though.

Pothole No. 1 — The new CEO has said the plan for the future includes reducing the size of the hospital’s employee force.

Layoffs aren’t pleasant for anyone. But, if the trip is going to continue, some changes must be made.

Pothole No. 2 — A certain community stigma comes with the word bankruptcy. And even though it sounds nasty, the experts at the hospital have said bankruptcy is the best way to get to the desired destination.

The new CEO is charged with making the hospital attractive to prospective buyers. The hospital’s staff is responsible for providing quality health care to the community.

And the community is left to stay positive, recognize that this trip has an itinerary and make the best of the potholes along the way.