Jury unhappy with morbid bill

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 13, 2008

VIDALIA — The bill was enough to make the Concordia Parish Police jurors faint, that is, if it didn’t kill them.

A body from a recent accident that occurred in the parish was sent to the wrong coroner and the parish was charged almost triple the regular amount for an autopsy to be conducted.

Usually the parish pays $550 for an autopsy and the other coroner was requesting $1,550, Police Jury President Melvin Ferrington said.

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“I think $1,550 is a little much,” he said.

The jurors voted to pay only $550. The transportation bill has been following the police jury for two years and they finally voted not to pay for it.

A body was taken off a boat that was on the Mississippi River and dropped off at the Angola Ferry Landing, according to secretary and treasurer Hazel Dickinson.

Yet by some malfunction, for two years Concordia Parish has been charged for the transportation of the body.

The deceased wasn’t even a resident in Concordia Parish.

“That’s not our bill, that’s not our responsibility,” Ferrington said.

In other business, water line damage on Panola Road in Ferriday was believed to be done by Soil Stabilizers, who was working for the parish.

Ferrington said the parish was wrong but the company had still foot the bill.

“It wasn’t their responsibility,” Ferrington said.

Juror Randy Temple asked who did cut the water lines and Ferrington said it was the fault of the parish.

The board voted unanimously to reimburse the money the company spent to fix the water line they hadn’t broken.

The jurors approved to purchase a $1,290 cut-off saw for the maintenance barn.

They approved an occupational license for Linda Mae Blaney, who wishes to sell birdhouses.

They approved the following transfers:

$41,000 from the road tax sinking fund to the general fund.

$2,375 from the solid waste fund to the general fund.

$7,8000 from the sales tax fund to the general fund.

The jurors did not adopt the revised budget that was reviewed at the last police jury meeting.

Temple made a motion that it be reviewed by the finance committee first, then adopted at the next police jury meeting.

The jurors unanimously approved his motion.