Memories are strong for Hounds

Published 12:02 am Friday, May 16, 2008

FERRIDAY — Though there are varying aspects they love, the 16 2008 graduates of Huntington School all agree — they are going to miss their four years in high school.

Graduate Patrick McIntosh began his educational career at Huntington when he was in preschool and has been through the system start to finish.

He said he does feel a bit of uniqueness that he’s been through each grade at Huntington, which will bring a different kind of sadness as he parts ways with the school he’s been with for 14 years.

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“In a way, I’ll miss that,” he said. “There are things that I’ll miss that make me sad.”

But it’s not enough to hinder him from now casting his eyes on to the future.

“I’m looking forward to moving on,” he said.

Before the ceremony, as he adjusted his cap and gown in the graduating class sponsor’s classroom — his own mother, Brenda McIntosh — he said he couldn’t wait to cross that stage and turn his tassel.

“I feel great, I’m very excited to get my diploma,” McIntosh said. “I’m fired up right now.”

Upon hearing his statement, his graduating classmates erupted in cheers and laughter.

He said like everything in life, high school had its good times and bad times.

“It was an adventure,” he said summing it up.

Graduates and siblings Lacey and Landon Willard, have spent every day together for the past four years in the same classroom.

Landon said having his sister in the same graduating class as him has helped motivate him as a student. But mostly he enjoyed laughing and joking with her.

“We had fun, we goofed off,” he said.

As Lacey walked up to her brother, the two were all smiles and laughter.

Lacey, without knowing her brother had said the same thing, also said she enjoyed goofing off with her brother.

They both said they were glad that together they could share the accomplishment of graduating high school.

Graduate Whitney Pearson said she has had a great time in her four years at Huntington.

And the lessons learned were good ones. She said her biggest hardships were typical high school problems — growing up, figuring out friendships and things of that nature.

“But as I got older it got better,” she said.

Though excited to be closing one chapter of her life, she admitted to be a bit frightened of opening the next.

“I’m kind of scared to get out there in the real world,” Pearson said.

Valedictorian Amberlee Collard said in her speech that Huntington has prepared the class for what the future holds.

“We’re confident that our past has prepared us for the future,” she said. “Our experiences at Huntington have taught us to overcome obstacles.”

“It is up to us to set our eyes on greater goals in the future.”

Salutatorian Trey Price said the past four years in high school have been about improvement and self-growth.

“I personally have spent the past four years improving myself,” he said.

In addition to thanking friends, family and teachers, Price, most importantly, wanted to thank his peers.

“Thanks to the whole senior class for making these last four years exciting and interesting,” Price said.