Monterey graduates make plans for the future

Published 12:03 am Saturday, May 17, 2008

MONTEREY — Monterey High School graduate David Tate wasn’t shy about divulging his post-high school plans as he stood outside the school’s gymnasium on Friday, waiting to receive the diploma for which he’s worked 13 years.

“I’m an Army man,” he said. “We’re all just kind of ready to get out of here.”

At the end of the month, Tate will travel to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., where he will report for duty. He enlisted in the Army his junior year, and attended infantry school in Fort Benning, Ga. He doesn’t know what the future holds.

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“(Iraq) is a possibility, but hopefully not,” he said. “I ain’t worried about it. I’m ready to go. I didn’t join the Army to be afraid of it.”

Tate then shifted his focus to the here and now, joining a cluster of his chatty classmates moments before the ceremony began.

“I’m Mr. Moneybags!” Tate proclaimed. “We’re very happy for all the graduation gifts we’ve been getting.

“The dough!” Shaneika Finley interjected.

Katelin Thompson plans to attend Co-Lin Community College in the fall. She plans to be a dental hygienist. She chose Co-Lin because she’s “not too ready to move away from home.”

“I’m a little nervous about starting the rest of my life, but hopefully I’ll do well,” Thompson said. “I know I will.”

The class of 2008, 24 strong, gave each other the once over. Tate fixed Amanda McHale’s cap and tassle shortly before they marched into the gymnasium amid blinding camera flashes.

Special honors graduate Jared Ensminger spoke about “working through the hard times,” and left his classmates with three tips to overcome the curves and bumps they’ll encounter in the road ahead — have faith in “you, your family and your relationship with God.”