Painter finds art around her

Published 12:39 am Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NATCHEZ — Inspiration comes in many forms. For Natchez painter Sarah Powers it comes in the form of morning sunlight over the Mississippi River Bridge. You can see her from time to time with easel and paint brush in hand along the Mississippi River bluffs putting paint to canvas. She was doing just that Monday morning.

“I started really painting after my father died. It helps me take my mind off of things,” Powers said.

Although she originally planned to only focus on architecture at Mississippi State University, as she entered her senior year that soon changed.

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“Double majoring in architecture and art have really complimented each other well, the architecture studies at MSU have just helped me hone my painting skills even more,” Powers said.“A lot of architects are also artists.

“One of my favorites is Steve Hall, who is not only a world famous architect but also a watercolor painter,” Powers said.

While not strictly a watercolor artist, Powers describes her style of painting as a mix between the surreal and realism.

“I enjoy painting things that look like something recognizable from far away but as you get closer blend into something more abstract,” she said.

Although painting for the joy of it is what Powers enjoys most it has also helped her pay her way through college.

“By selling some of my pieces, I’ve been lucky enough not to have to take out loans to pay for school.” she said.