Donate to soliders through USO

Published 1:02 am Thursday, May 22, 2008

While the United States is still fighting those who would trash our open society with our cherished freedoms of expressions, opportunity and ingenuity, there is time for us to honor America’s fallen every day.

Monday is Memorial Day. Activities planned are published and every organization has something special. Are you involved? I hope so. Anyway, Congress has established a Commission on Remembrance and at 3 p.m. on Memorial Day the National Monument of Remembrance has been established to recognize their sacrifice. Please pass the word and participate with your family, church, club or business.

Even so, there are thousands of our men and women still in harm’s way to overcome the adversity. While it is fitting to honor those who have given their last measure of devotion to their country (you and us), we need to be aware of other opportunities to help. One way besides the Red Cross and other noble causes for such expression is the United Service Organization. For each GI now fighting overseas, please help us deliver a few moments of laughter, a pat on the back, and a heartfelt “Thanks.”

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Please, show our troops how much you care. Please help the USO to provide these services and more.

USO provides prepaid phone cards for the most cherished call home.

Cyber Cafés — today’s version of the fabled “USO Canteens” — not just for coffee and conversation, but also computers with Internet access so troops can surf the Web or e-mail family and friends anywhere in the world!

Meeting special needs of troops wounded in the war on terror, this USO program supplies clothing and toiletries to injured servicepersons and sponsors “USO Day Rooms” in military hospitals, where troops can relax and be entertained.

Operation USO care package — we hand out hard-to-get personal items, toiletries, snacks, books, CDs, all the everyday needs that folks back home tend to take for granted. Mobile canteens — If troops can’t get to us, we reach out to them. These special vehicles go virtually anywhere with hot coffee, doughnuts, Internet access, to GIs can chat and e-mail folks back home.

Yes, the USO Entertainment tours are still a favorite. We can all thank our talented performers who donate their time and talent to such a noble cause.

Won’t you join with USO in providing this needed break from the battle for our sons and daughter that stand in care of our freedoms today and every day.

Your tax-deductible contributions should be mailed to: USO World Headquarters, P.O. Box 96860, Washington, D.C. 20077-7677.

Erle Drane is commander of the Herbert J. Remondet Post 4 American Legion.