Students enjoy first year of school

Published 12:30 am Thursday, May 22, 2008

NATCHEZ — It’ll be 12 long years before these faces don a cap and gown.

But even though they aren’t anywhere near graduation, 2008 has been a year of important lessons for these area kindergarteners.

For Vidalia Lower Elementary’s Trace Kemp his teachers were great, computers were cool and his parts in Easter and Christmas plays were fun. But he expects first-grade to bring even greater things.

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“Next year will also be good, and I will learn how to tie my shoes,” Kemp said.

Carleigh Sproulls said learning to read is the best thing about kindergarten at West Primary. She enjoyed making lots of new friends and rounds of Duck Duck Goose stand out in her mind. Her favorite lunch item is hamburgers and despite the myth that everyone loves chocolate milk, Sproulls favors the white stuff.

Also at West, Shelby Roberson says nothing tops recess and he loves everything about it. And computers are cool because they have games on them. Reading is his favorite subject. And though he thinks kindergarten is cool, he’s looking forward to spending his summer swimming.

“I’m ready to get out of school, we’ve been here too long,” Roberson said.

Anna Katherine McDonough and Kirsten Sanguinetti both agree they had fun learning at Cathedral Elementary.

McDonough said her favorite in school events were jogging and jump rope while Sanguinetti enjoyed a religious class at the school.

Sanguinetti is a bit anxious to get out of school and is looking forward to the summer.

“I’m going to Florida, I don’t know where yet but I’m going,” Kirsten Sanguinetti.

And both girls said they’d miss their kindergarten teachers the most.

Trinity’s Hayes Waycaster said he has had some pretty good experiences during his time in kindergarten. Art is his favorite subject and recess is his favorite time of the day.

Hayes said he’s ready for the first grade but thinks the hardest part of it will be taking the tests.

School ends for many area students today. Others will finish up early next week.