Charges against Smith dropped

Published 1:05 am Thursday, May 29, 2008

VIDALIA — Charges against one Ferriday man were dropped and a bench warrant was issued for a Ferriday police officer when the officer failed to show up in Seventh District Court Wednesday.

Phil Smith was arrested on charges of interfering with state police and resisting arrest by the Ferriday Police in late February.

Though he was convicted in Ferriday city court on the charge of interfering with a police officer in the performance of his duty, when Smith appealed to district court the additional charges were brought against him, Smith said.

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Judge Leo Boothe threw out the charges when, after testimony from witnesses, he concluded there was no evidence Smith resisted arrest or that a state police officer was on the scene.

Boothe also issued a bench warrant for Ferriday police officer Derrick Freeman because he failed to appear in court after being subpoenaed.

Smith was arrested after his wife Lisa Smith, who he was with, allegedly interrupted Freeman, who was issuing a traffic ticket nearby, to reportedly inform him of a drug dealer in the area.

Lisa Smith faces similar charges, but her case is being treated as a separate matter, Phil Smith said.