Ten apply for Ferriday police chief

Published 12:14 am Monday, June 2, 2008

FERRIDAY — Ferriday mayor-elect Glen McGlothin has received 10 applications for the town’s police chief position.

The 10 applicants vary from present employees to former employees to new applicants, McGlothin said.

The plan is to appoint a three-person committee to interview all of the applicants for 30 minutes each, McGlothin said.

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“I did it that way when I picked Bobby Sheppard as police chief (in 2000),” McGlothin said. “I’m doing it that way so it’s someone besides me who is asking the questions.”

The three-person committee should be formed by the middle of this week, and interviews will begin after that, he said.

“I’ve got some pretty good applications, and some that may not be that good, but I’m telling you that if you put in I’m going to give you a shot,” McGlothin said.

Choosing the chief of police is his top priority because, once the chief is hired, he can sit in on interviews for new police officers and give his input to the mayor, because in Ferriday’s government it is the mayor and not the chief of police who ultimately hires officers, McGlothin said.

When he takes office, McGlothin will hire new people for a few key positions, but he doesn’t plan to fire many people, he said.

McGlothin was mayor of Ferriday from 1988 until 1996, and was elected a second time in 2000.

McGlothin will take office for his fourth term July 1.