Locals celebrate ‘Sex in the City’ release in grand fashion

Published 11:15 pm Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Christine Roberts stepped into the city Friday night. And her red high heels took her there. Roberts, a Natchez resident, and a group of girlfriends went to see “Sex and the City” the movie — but they did it in style. They got dressed to the nines, stopped by a local bar for a few cosmopolitans — a drink popularized by the ladies in the TV show — and pulled up a chair at the Natchez Mall Cinema IV to head off into another world.

The movie is a look at the lives of four Manhattan ladies who juggle work, family and an active social life. It picks up four years after last seeing Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda as they continue to struggle with love, life and relationships on the small screen. The overwhelming theme of the television show and movie is the friendship the ladies share.

Roberts shared a similar bond with the friends that accompanied her to the theater on Friday night.

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“We have watched the show for a long time and talk about it a lot so we had to go see it the first night it came out,” Roberts said.

“So we all got dressed up, and I had to wear my red high-heeled strappy sandals,” Roberts said.

But there was a little anxiousness when the big night arrived since the group had not been able to secure advance tickets to the movie. Roberts said she had tried earlier in the day to buy tickets for her group of friends but theater policy didn’t allow them to be purchased ahead of time. Not one to give up easily though, Roberts and company went on with their plans and later her husband was successful in securing tickets for the girls.

“My husband was able to talk to the lady into selling him five tickets early somehow so he brought them to us and we were able to run up to the theatre right as the show started.”

While Roberts and friends have already celebrated the long-awaited movie release with a girls night out last Friday and Donna Sessions, another local, hopes to do the same with her friends within a few days.

Sessions began watching the show when it was being aired in syndication on TBS and was drawn to it because it offered her a glimpse into a world so different from her own life.

And while she doesn’t liken herself to one character in particular, after watching the show for a while Sessions found that she could identify with certain aspects of the show.

“My friends and I are a close knit group of friends just like all the girls on the show. I liked that the characters always came together when they had problems and when they had celebrations ” Sessions said. “That is how my friends and I are.”

Like Roberts, Sessions knew this was a movie she had to see but her “girls-night” will be a more casual affair as she and her friends will enjoy just having a “nice night out.”

“With two active children it is hard to make time to see a movie but I knew I wanted to see this one when I heard about it coming out,” Session said.

For Roberts the movie tied up a few loose ends for the show but left her wanting more.

“It was like the morning after Christmas and all the presents have been opened,” Roberts said. “I was kinda like ‘what’s next.”

Sessions has some idea what one of the loose ends might be but can’t be sure just yet.

“I heard Carrie marries Mr. Big but I don’t know since I haven’t seen the movie yet,” Sessions said.