Ferriday hosting small business meeting

Published 12:29 am Thursday, June 5, 2008

FERRIDAY — Today, the Ferriday Chamber of Commerce will be sponsoring the Louisiana Small Business Development Center at the Concordia Bank and Trust Community Room.

The gathering, hosted by Dr. Paul Dunn, will give listeners the good, the bad and the ugly on the business world. Anyone already involved with their own small company may receive advice on withdrawing a small loan, or tips on how to best expand his or her investment.

However, for those who have yet to venture into the business world, Thursday evening is a chance to get your feet wet. Dunn, along with several fellow experts in the field of business, will assist in future investment based on private conversations and data compiled from the Ferriday area and around the country.

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The LSBDC’s goal is to help business people strengthen the Ferriday economy with the addition of another business, though does not require the business to be in Ferriday. The conference circulates around Louisiana and is coming to the Chamber of Commerce courtesy of Liz Brooking. An expected turnout is between 10 and 20. The LSBDC requests that all attending arrive at least ten minutes early, as the workshop will begin at 6 p.m and conclude around eight.