Last week packed with good news

Published 11:40 pm Sunday, June 8, 2008

In a week highlighted by Natchez city elections and the closing of the Rentech-International Paper land deal, other good headlines might get dwarfed.

But the Miss-Lou’s good news is too great to forget. So let’s review a few of the good headlines from last week.

4Each year each school in the Natchez-Adams School District selects a parent of the year. Those parents compete for the district title. And this year, the district parent of the year — Ralph Daniels — was chosen as the Region 3 parent for the state.

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Daniels gives back at Frazier Primary, even though he doesn’t have children there. His model is one we could all follow.

4Local businessmen Dan Bland and Vidal Davis aren’t necessarily the type you’d picture kissing noses with a pup. But in their hearts, the two men have a love for animals. And they recently showed it. The men donated two acres of land valued at approximately $100,000 to the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society. The land will become the site of a new, sorely needed, animal shelter.

4Heritage tourism in Natchez just got some badly needed funds. The National Park Foundation awarded the Natchez National Historic Park $5,000 to market area black history sites. We hope the local team can use the money to let tourists know about the full range of our history.

With elections behind us and swearing-in day coming in Natchez and Concordia Parish, a new era is beginning.

And we know the communities around us will make it a good one.