David learns to keep it simple

Published 12:24 am Sunday, June 15, 2008

NATCHEZ — For the past 18 years, Joanna David has been a competitor and no matter what sort of competition it was, her father Jerry was there to support her.

“He’s never missed a ballet recital, and for a man, that’s not easy to do,” Joanna said.

Jerry went out of his comfort zone for more than just ballet, Joanna said. He also gave her a lot of support during a math and science competitions she entered through Cathedral School.

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“That’s not anything like my dad,” she said. “He wasn’t a math and science person in school, but he still got really into it.”

Joanna said her father was always there to support her, no matter what.

“He’s always there pumping you up, whether it be on the sidelines or at home before.”

In spite of their shared competitive spirit, Joanna said her father keeps her from getting too upset about things.

“He reminds you that that’s not what its all about,” she said. “He reminds you of the things that are important.”

One of those important things is service work, which Joanna does through Jefferson Street United Methodist Church. From Katrina relief to working in soup kitchens, Joanna said her youth group does all sorts of volunteer work, which she really enjoys.

“It’s not so much a sacrifice as I really enjoy doing it and I think a lot of that comes from him,” she said. “He’s brought us up in a real Christian household and helped us keep our sight (on God).”

His focus on simple family moments has been a real inspiration, Joanna said.

“He lives life for the simple moments and that’s something we’ve really gotten away from in our society,” she said.