Logan follows in dad’s footsteps, joins the ministry

Published 12:25 am Sunday, June 15, 2008

VIDALIA — The Rev. Douglas Logan said it was a moment of revelation, like a lightning bolt from heaven, when he realized he had a calling to the Christian ministry in his late 20s.

But at a time when a young minister could have floundered, he had a strong mentor — his father, the late Rev. Walter Logan.

“I always admired him being able to meet people and just talk to them and give them an uplifting word,” Douglas Logan said.

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“I had a lot of respect for his position and his work,” Douglas said. “He had a lot of impact on me coming into the ministry, and an impact on me after my calling for sure.”

The late Rev. Logan, who died in 2001 at the age of 77, was the pastor of seven area churches, and three of his sons have followed in his footsteps and become pastors.

His widow, Roberta Logan, said she saw her husband pull his sons to the side to give pastoral advice more than once, and when they preach she can see glimpses of the father in the sons.

“Douglas is a good instructor, and he sings beautifully,” Roberta Logan said. “I do see his father’s figure in him.”

An active member of the state association of Missionary Baptist churches, his father did a lot of work with his fellow gospel ministers, and put a lot of work toward being a good minister for his various flocks.

“He was really dedicated toward his work in the gospel, and the lesson he taught me was how to be dedicated toward your church,” Douglas said.