Grave marker still not returned

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 28, 2008

FERRIDAY — Though it is closer to home than it has been in five years, the headstone from the grave of a woman named Mary Green still hasn’t made it there yet.

The stolen headstone was placed in a Natchez yard on Halloween five years ago, presumably as a prank.

Natchez Police Lt. Tom McGehee searched for the correct location of where the stone belonged for years, and it was after he contacted the Louisiana Department of Vital Statistics that he discovered it belonged in a Ferriday cemetery.

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The headstone was transferred to the Ferriday Police in early May, but has since been kept at the police station.

The problem, Chief Margaret Lawrence said, is that no one has stepped forward to claim it.

“We don’t have any way to find out where it ultimately goes,” Lawrence said.

Born in 1900, Green died in 1977.

The only things inscribed on the cement headstone, slightly weatherworn and cracked after 31 years, are Green’s basic biographical information — name and dates of birth and death — and the simple epitaph “Rest in peace.”