T-ball season comes to an end

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 28, 2008

Natchez — Last night was the conclusion of the T.M. Jennings T-Ball League. The games were scheduled to conclude Thursday, but had to be pushed back until Friday.

“Originally, we weren’t going to play the games, but the kids wanted to play, so we let them play,” said League Commissioner Eric Fry about the teams. “Let it roll,” he said.

All of the players in attendance, and fans for that matter, voiced their appreciation for the game.

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Parents, siblings and others in attendance were screaming as if a major league game were being played and the children hustled in every aspect.

C.J. Green of Superintendent Morris was one of those players. The 9-year-old was positioned at the mound the whole game, and recorded seven outs in one half inning, including a double play.

“I like to play pitcher,” Green said, “because the ball always comes to me.”

Kaya Singleton, 8, had different opinions.

“I like batting – just because it’s better,” Singleton said.

Jeff Caston, coach of the 9-year-old Concordia Bank team, voiced his opinion about the season.

“It went well. We’re just trying to teach them fundamentals and skills, then baseball will come.” Caston concluded by saying that he would not stop coaching and that, “This is my heart.”

Eric Fry spoke briefly about how he felt the season progressed.

“We had good attendance and everyone in the community stepped up. We had a real good season.”

All in all, the game went on without a hitch, much like the T.M. Jennings season. The only issue came early on, when coach Jeff Caston removed a small action figure from the field and had to remind the players that “toys are not allowed on the field.”