Pilgrimage tours director resigns

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 3, 2008

NATCHEZ — Natchez Pilgrimage Tours is currently looking for a new director.

On Friday Jim Coy unexpectedly announced his resignation from his position as director of Natchez Pilgrimage Tours.

Several people involved with Pilgrimage said the resignation came as a surprise.

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And Coy was not alone in his recent departure.

Coy’s wife, Ruthie, also resigned from her position as President of the Pilgrimage Garden Club.

President of the Natchez Pilgrimage Tours Executive Committee Devereux Slatter said Coy cited only health reasons for his resignation.

“We will never be able to replace him,” he said.

Slatter said the committee is not operating on a specific timeline to have another director hired.

However Slatter said the committee does not want to let too much time pass before another director is hired.

Tourism Director Connie Taunton said she does not think the next Pilgrimage season will suffer due to a current lack of leadership.

“They’re still staffed,” she said of the organization.

Slatter said shortly after announcing their resignations the Coys left town for a previously scheduled trip.

They could not be reached for comment.