Nearly $1,000 stolen from Sibley Store

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 26, 2008

NATCHEZ — A doggy door at the Sibley Store got some unintended use Thursday night, when a burglar used it to break in.

The burglar made off with around $1,000 from the safe, as well as $40 from an envelope of fundraising money, said Joy Kitchen, owner of the store.

“I think that whoever did it was pretty low down for robbing us,” she said. “But they’re even more low down for robbing from the fundraiser.”

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The store regularly has fundraisers to benefit other people in the community who may have unexpected expenses, such as someone who recently had to go to Texas for cancer surgery or a man whose house burned down.

“(The money is donated to) Just whoever needs it at the time that we can help them,” she said.

The lock was broken off the safe and change was dumped all over the floor, she said.

The burglar also dropped several other bills as he was leaving the store.

The doggy door was boarded up, but was kicked in, she said. When leaving, the burglar tried to pull the boards back onto the door to cover his entry point.

This effort did not work very well and sheriff’s deputies were able to recover some evidence.

“We do have suspects, and investigators are following up on leads at this time,” Major Jody Waldrop said.

Crimestoppers is offering a reward to for information, Waldrop said. Crimestoppers can be reached at 601-442-5000.